Adolf Hitler and His Airship

It’s the 1930’s. Young American Adolf Hitler, inventor of an Airship is framed for robbery by agents from the Canadian Dictator Tommy ‘The Needle’ Douglas. Douglas is surely an eugenics fanatic, and definately will visit not even attempt to ‘Get Hitler’. Meet Al Speer, Jesse Owens, Dr. Norman Bethune, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and evil Winnie Churchill within this mashup novel and satiric parody. Part from the Hitler Chronicles sold on Amazon.

Alternate History

Within this alternative history, Canada and Britain are locked in flu war against America. Canada is controlled by its evil Prime Minister, Tommy ‘The Needle’ Douglas, whose platform of state-provided health care insurance, in addition to his radical agenda of eugenics - to rid society of subnormal or incurable people - has placed him in almost dictatorial power.

Alternate History

They know the united states is his main stumbling block to get a ‘Final World Cleanse’. Supporting him are ‘big pharma’, the International Medical Association and also the GMO consortium. The good people of America have resisted Douglas’s message of intolerance and forced insurance, but which has not stopped Douglas and his agent provocateurs from forming a fifth column.

Among the many brave people that are actively employed by the interests of the usa, is but one young man, and the father. They are inventors, explorers, a household of integrity, packed with courage, pluck, daring as well as the fighting spirit that's the embodiment of the ideal American.

They are Adolf Hitler and his awesome father Alois of Shopton, New York.

Adolf Hitler was just attempting to build his airship and peruse his infatuation having a young school girl, Evie Brown. However, his previous inventions and exploits have brought him to the attention from the Canadian Dictator Douglas, and the secret-agent grandson, Jack Beck.

Lining up against him are Winnie Churchill, Joey Steele, Frankie Roosevelt, and even Al Gore.

Adolf has finished his latest invention- the Red Komet - an easy and innovative airship, part plane and part zeppelin. No sooner is Adolf in mid-air than he is framed for your robbery. Suddenly, he's a wanted fugitive but doesn't know why until he's half-way in the united states. Without any safe harbor or friend around the land below he faces death by Canadian funded gangs of Free Masons, underground communists and other state sponsored terrorists. Hitler must race back to Shopton to his name before he's shot out of the sky.

Adolf Hitler can only depend on his pluck, courage, brains and daring, and also a little help from his friends. Meet Al Speer, Jesse Owens, Dr. Norman Bethune, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Arthur Nebe, evil Winnie Churchill. Within the battle Adolf fights to revive his image and put a dent or dimple to the world-wide Canadian conspiracy to create a New World Order.


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